Aaron Gordon


After his first construction project, a tree house when he was a kid, Aaron knew he was onto something. In the time between that tree house and founding AGC Aaron worked for his father manufacturing speakers in the car audio industry. There he developed his instincts for business, and went on to earn a business degree from Sonoma State University to greaten his knowledge of business. Following graduation he worked as a stage hand and set builder. During this time he started doing small construction projects in his spare time. These became larger in scope and more frequent until Aaron eventually decided to get his general contractor’s license and combine his passion for building with his passion for running a business. He has never looked back. When he’s not working Aaron spends time with his wife and son, goes camping, plays tennis, and thinks business.

Brian Burns

Office Manager

As Office Manger, Brian manages accounting for all projects. That includes contracts, subcontracts, payroll, systems and software. He is a key factor in enabling AGC to run smoothly and coordinate time, labor, materials, and subcontractors for many jobs at once. Born in California, Brian appreciates the Bay Area’s consistent weather after spending 16 years on the East Coast. His favorite things include his family, fantasy football, and rooting for the Giants, 49ers, or Warriors teams.

Focus on clients, and great work will follow.

It’s a simple and effective philosophy. We’ve always been skilled craftsmen, so we decided to dedicate ourselves to better relationships. Honesty, integrity, responsiveness – people like those things, whether as a client or our coworker. Everyone may say that, but you can take us seriously. With a growing reputation as San Francisco’s most respected contractor, our client-first philosophy has made us the top-rated Bay Area contractor on Yelp, with immaculate work that speaks for itself.

Partnership isn’t a sales pitch. It’s an ongoing conversation.

We take our client partnerships seriously. We invite you to talk to us and let us know what’s important to you every step of the way. Nine times out of ten, we’ll come up with a plan that you’ll love. And on the rare occasion that we miss the mark, we’ll listen even more until we get it right. Every process is unique, and every client has an individual need. A dedicated partnership with you, your architect, and your designer through every phase of construction ensures each job will be professional, memorable, and, of course, personal.

Experience is important.

Founded by a native San Franciscan, we take pride in our city and in building San Francisco homes that will last for generations. Experience can be the difference that makes a project a success, whether we’re navigating complicated city permits or knowing the right specialist to fulfill a certain task. Plus, you really do get what you pay for when you work with us. When we make a promise, we keep it because we know we can. And when we finish a job, we know you’ll be as proud of it as we are.

We believe in team chemistry.

Our team is comprised of people who are not only experts, but who also work together all the time. We know each other’s tendencies, complement one another, and anticipate trouble before it happens. It’s a nice way to work. We also collaborate with a consistent collection of exceptional trade contractors to support our core team. These Bay Area companies work with us again and again.

It sounds simple, but a happy worker makes for better work. And better work makes for repeat clients. It’s a simple formula that we trust.

Custom Porta Potties

Keeping San Francisco beautiful, one porta potty at a time. Aaron Gordon Construction designs and fabricates ornately designed enclosures for our construction sites, erasing the plastic porta potty eyesore and replacing it with custom one of a kind victorian inspired structures.