Full Homes


This project featured a full exterior remodel, including windows, doors, back and front fa├žade, garage door, and front gate. In addition, the entire master suite was gutted, reframed, and remodeled on the top floor.

Ed Ritger Photography

This project included a full exterior remodel. This shot features the back exterior that overlooks downtown San Francisco.

Bottom floor deck framed by synthetic composite exterior.

Entire master suite was gutted and completely redone to encompass a new, sleek bathroom with equipped with two rain showers.

Colorful master bathroom with custom waterfall tiling and stainless steel cabinets.

AGC installed new plumbing in the master bath so our clients could carry out their dream dual-sink and custom cabinetry design.

Double rain shower in master bedroom. Glass walls without trimmed edges give the walls weightless style.

The back left room was formerly a closed-off exercise room before AGC removed the walls, reframed the entry way, installed new windows, and increased the ceiling height to match connecting rooms.

Refinished deck with glass perimeter railing overlooking San Francisco.

Contemporary, geometric front exterior, including custom stainless steel clad garage doors, PVC composite siding, and stainless steel window borders.

Detail shot of stainless steel window borders and clad garage doors.

Front entry way showing two trellises, glass railing, wooden gate.

Front entryway with painted metal and glass trellis.