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This project’s goal was to maximize space in this Bernal Heights home while modernizing the house inside and out. AGC made considerable structural alterations in order to accomplish these goals.

Joe Fletcher Photography

This remodel transformed the home completely: exterior upgrade, interior remodels, structural alterations, and backyard remodel.

Steel-hung master balcony above Dutch-door entryway.

After lowering the ground floor two feet and raising the ceiling two feet, the kitchen dining area is spacious and comfortable.

AGC excavated and lowered the ground floor by 2 feet and raised the ceiling 2 feet to give way for a spacious kitchen.

Storage shelves behind kitchen’s island. Open joist ceiling can be seen above.

Open joists throughout the home are a reminder of the home’s innovative structure.

Ipé wood flooring cover the stairs leading upstairs from the kitchen.

Top floor was designed to bring in as much natural light as possible

Top floor hallway looking into bathroom while natural light pours in from above.

Contemporary bathroom with basin sinks and a rainshower

Vaulted ceilings to maximize space in the top floor bedrooms.

White-washed façade, Natural cedar entryway and garage accentuate the home which borders single-story cottages.