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9th Avenue

In one of AGC’s first home remodels, Aaron completed the majority of this work on his own in 2002. The project featured the remodels of one bathroom, a master patio, stairway, garden, and bedroom.


The courtyard was excavated and a retaining wall was built into the slope in order to retain the tiered garden.

Ipé decking and stairway with stainless steel cable rail from the master patio to the garden.

Next to the stairway, the cedar fence was remodeled with arbors on top.

Remodeled bedroom with exposed soffit on the ceiling.

Remodeled bathroom includes a wet style tub.

Bedroom and bathroom are separated by a glass partition that has been sandblasted for a frosted look.

Wet style sink surrounded by granite walls and floor.

Recessed rain head in the shower.