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If you think our Porta Potties are amazing, you should see our homes.

September 1, 2015

Our custom Porta Potty surrounds are helping keep San Francisco beautiful one Porta Potty at a time. By erasing the plastic rectangular eyesore you see at most jobsites, Aaron Gordon Construction has created custom surrounds; all inspired by San Francisco architecture and adorned with ornate Victorian embellishments. Many of the enclosures feature gold leafing, delicate crown molding, dentals, acanthus leaves, and fluted columns. These ornately designed enclosures offer an athletically pleasing alternative to the common plastic Porta Potty’s people are used to seeing. Passersby’s now stop in there tracks and question what these tiny Victorian homes in San Francisco are, astonished to find out they are, in fact, Porta Potties.

These royal thrones, as AGC likes to refer to them, feature precise attention to detail, acting as a billboard for our company, offering the public a real life example of our construction and finishing work. Each structure features exterior grade redwood and is finished with exterior paint. We use the same materials as we would if we were building a home, rendering them sturdy and built to last about 10 years. All enclosures are built in a panel system with 4 walls and a roof, which can be easily taken apart and transported to the next jobsite when finished.

As beautiful as our Porta Potty shelters are, our clients are never sad to see them go. The structure removal means that the construction process is over and the homeowners can finally enjoy their newly remodeled homes. Now when a passerby walks by all the attention is on the home instead of the royal thrones, which have since disappeared from the property.